Friday, August 21, 2009

...And Back

[now continued. See, I work fast. Haha.]

Exhibit B (Where I really just want to make kuwento.)

Today (or yesterday), was a freaking busy day. I spent a grand total of 11 hours in school. Two classes, a lunch date, and a seminar.

By 8:30a.m., I wasn't really in school. I was rattling away to U.N. Avenue on the LRT. I came in late, but got lucky because our professor was late too. After the class I chattered Monica's eardrums out (she's a co-OrCom shiftee of mine) for an hour and a half. Then we met up with the other shiftees--Jaypee, Dien, Jorge, and Kye--for a lunch date. We went to KFC and shared stories over the various chicken dishes.

By around 1, we were back in CAS, with Eunice too (another transferee), for the OrComSoc seminar on Events Organizing. More chismisan for us, but definitely a lot more knowledge. I managed to pick up handfuls of useful information and tips about the exciting, exhilarating, enticing world of Events Organizing. TeamAsia founder and president Ms. Monette Iturralde-Hamlin talked about Strategic Planning. There was also Ms. Marcie Linao, marketing group head of Summit Media on Events Marketing. Last was Brainbox Company Inc. creative director, Ms. Lynnette Buenafe on Events Execution. It was really informative, and while I'm still dead set on a career in advertising, events isn't out of the running anymore.

By 4, we were at the library, chattering some more, until Jorge had to go home, then Eunice and I had to go to class, for the debate which Jaypee decided to watch. Yeah, DS128. The usual. A good debate, and all that.

I made the mistake of taking the LRT home. It was so jam-packed that I had to let two trains just pass by before I decided I could squeeze in on the third (or was it the fourth?) Anyway, my legs died in there and then the traffic delayed my trip home some more, and then--finally, oh finally--I was home. Guess what? Manok din yung ulam.

* * * * *

So anyway. Long day, long story. My point is, so maybe I'm not exactly bipolar--maybe I'm just a person with mood swings. But I'm just glad to know that I can deal with things better now. I have old and trusted friends to run to, and new friends to build relationships with. Life is good when you look at it that way.


Anonymous said...

Hindi ka na emo sa bago mong post a. Good job! (Kahit emo ang naunang parte ng two-part post na 'to.)

Had fun with you guys, too. Go OrCom!!!

rz fortajada said...

Baka maya maya emo na ulit. :)) Baliw ako eh. :D Haha. Yehey, go OrCom! :D Puro chismisan kahapon. Mga rumor mongers. LOL.


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