Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why Go For Gordon

I am a first-time voter. And yet, I am already tired. I'm tired of this hell-hole of corruption, poverty, deceit and chaos that our country has fallen into at the hands of selfish leaders. I am tired. And that's why on Monday, I WILL VOTE.

As for the matter of choosing the new head of our country, I WILL VOTE FOR DICK GORDON.

I will vote for him because he is competent. His track record says it all, and his experience in the executive department is unparalleled.

I will vote for him because he means well. We can all see that what he has done in Subic and as Red Cross Chair has been beneficial to many.

I will vote for him because has a strong character and sufficient political will to set this country straight. What others see as arrogance, I see as a good weapon against the corrupt, manipulative government officials who will criticize him and make efforts to thwart his reasonable plans of action.

If that's not enough to convince you, then let me tell you why he might as well be the best, and almost only logical choice.

I refuse to vote for politicians who exploit the poor. I cannot honestly say that I love the masses, but that may be as well if loving them means insulting their intellect, like certain orange-clad gentlemen do. I do not want the masses to remain the way they are—impoverished, poorly educated, and susceptible to despicable, bare-faced lies.

I refuse to vote for manipulative politicians. I've had enough of the current government's lies and cover-ups. That's why we don't need a president who can't even face up to legitimate issues during the campaign period. Imagine him in Malacanan—with every scandal uncovered he'll probably hire script writers to distract us with dramatic monologues from him and his supporters, or maybe even his mother.

I refuse to vote for mediocrity. Inspiration and good intentions are never enough. Remind me about inspiration three or four years from now, when we're six feet deeper into poverty and foreign debt because of a president who lacks the competence to efficiently address those problems. Good intentions will not fill the stomachs of the hungry families, nor the heads of children who are relying on the government to give them the good education they deserve.

We cannot sing patriotic songs and stand around waiting for miracles like EDSA to happen every time. We need a president who can do something about the seemingly miraculous feat of transforming our rotten political system into a real servant-leadership.

I refuse to vote because of lineage. As I have just read from Ramon Tulfo's column, "Don't vote for a candidate because of his or her lineage since that criterion is like choosing a pet dog". Breed your dogs, not your presidents.

I refuse to vote solely on the grounds of morality. I am a Catholic, but I believe that the voice of a dominant religion is not necessarily the voice of God, and that the church and the state were separated for a good reason. If you want morality, then let me tell you what our moral duty is—to vote for a president who will help us help each other by concrete means.

That being said, it seems to me that only Mr. Gordon and Mr. Teodoro are the feasible choices. Personally I will go for Gordon because he has had more experience, and because from what I've seen of him, he can provide us with the disciplinary action that our country desperately needs. We have great laws, but our officials greatly fail in implementing them. And that's where Gordon can step in.

On a side note, Teodoro can also have another shot in 2016. He's relatively younger. I believe that NOW IS GORDON'S TIME.

I think I've given you excellent reasons WHY GORDON IS THE BEST CHOICE. I'm sure he won't be perfect, but he's as close to it as we can get, given our options.

If you're not voting for Gordon then weigh the factors. And if you can't give me excellent reasons against him, then I suggest you give in and GO FOR GORDON.


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