Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Seriously Forgot To Place A Title For This One

Finding yourself blogging in an Internet cafe when you have a decent connection at home is a sign of extreme boredom. In my case, it's an outlet to keep myself from totally unraveling and going batsh*t insane--while I wait for my friends to get off class, of course.

Insignificant newsflash #1: Failing PE.
Yeah, you read right. Fact is, today I managed to miss the third meeting of my PE class. The prof hasn't seen me yet, and when he does, I'm betting I get to drop the subject or he gets to drop me a fat, failing grade of 5. So how the hell do I explain failing PE to my parents? I don't pay for it, and it doesn't affect my GWA anyway, but hell. What a loser. Hahaha.

Insignificant newsflash #2: Library claim tags have invisibility powers.
Okay, so I have this huge headache that's making me wander around campus pretty dazed. I know. I'm seriously lacking sleep, but I expect to get some after we're done with the OC101 report tomorrow. For now, coffee is once again my best friend. But today is a very wasted day. My cup of cold morning coffee didn't seem to do the trick.

I was in the library a short while ago, trying to get some nap and reading time simultaneously. As I was leaving, I realized I lost my claim tag, a first in almost three years. So I went and told Ate Guard, quite nervously, because our library's guard is infamous for her sudden bouts of bad mood. She told me to look for it first, so I went back, disturbing the girl who had occupied my previous seat as I rummaged around the area. I found a number 34 claim tag, but mine was 77. I tried looking in all the known corners of the reserve section, but to avail. When I went outside to tell the guard, she was surprised that I found the 34 tag, which had been missing since the summer. Turns out that my claim tag was in the counter all along, since I had forgotten to take it in the first place, when I surrendered my bag. So I didn't have to pay the fine and Ate Guard considers me lucky now. Gawd, how I wish all my bloopers would turn out to be fortunate incidents.

So, lately it seems I've been losing things I need (including my three year-old Hair Doctor, damn) and finding unexpected ones. Welcome to my cluttered life. For now my head still hurts (so excuse the typographical and grammatical errors in this post, if any) and I'm waiting for tomorrow evening when I will hopefully run out of things to worry about for the week. I just have to get through this blasted day a minute at a time.

Wish me luck, and I hope you're having a better day. Ciao.

Picture caption: Life can be a pretty blur sometimes. Credits credits.


Juvy said...

Hahaha. I also forget a lot of things. You're not alone, don't you worry. :P

Long time no chat!

rz fortajada said...

Haha, tumatanda na tayo. :))

Oonga eh, bibihira ka na atang mag-online. :)


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