Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Janus Tributes: REWIND v2.0

Okay, I've had two celebrations and a nasty stomachache, thus my year-end post is technically late, because today--oh yes--today is the start of a new and wonderful, wonderful year! :D But before I get over-perky and drain this bottle of wine, I just can't let 2008 go without thanking the people who have made it great (or just plain bearable, in some cases) for me.

WARNING: This is really cheesy. But it's the new year anyway, pagbigyan niyo na. :D

My Family
They will probably never get to read this (except my sister, possibly, but we're banned from reading each other's blogs, haha), but still. They have been the best this year. With all the crazy changes that went on, especially with my academic life, they've been overwhelmingly assuring in just being there and being supportive. Even when I'm rude and angsty teen-ish, when I'm cranky and when I act like a stubborn 3 year-old, they tolerate me. And in turn, I washed more dishes than ever for them. Haha. Nothing can ever replace family, so I love and treasure these folks. :)

Julie Ann
You've probably seen this name over and over and over again in my posts, in surveys, and wherever else. She's my best friend, and I can never be grateful enough for that. Armageddon, alien invasions, or the ABS-CBN Twilight knock-off may come, but knowing that I have someone like her around makes me feel quite better about it all. Simply, thank you for everything. And when I say everything, that's a whole lot. Like 5 happy years of my life. :P Stay happy. :)

Aurielle Junine and Jamile Ayla
The first real barkada I've had in years. Haha. Thank you, nauubusan na'ko nang pagka-cheesy, pero thank you talaga. Kahit na halata namang medyo kakaiba ang trip ko sa kanilang dalawa, these girls have never made me feel out of place. In fact, they've helped me find my place in the chaotic world of UPM. Whoohoo! I lab you both. Haha. :P

Block 12 AY 2007-2008
My wonderful, wonderful blockmates. College life will never be the same without you. These are some of the smartest and funniest people I've ever met. Kahit na baka umalis ako at kahit hindi ko na kayo makasabay magpuyat para sa mga MP, alam niyo namang lagi niyong kasama ang kaluluwa ko, wishing you luck. Itanong niyo na lang kay Bona kung anong sabi ng kaluluwa ni Rizza. Hahaha. Whoohooo! Galingan niyo mga GC, dapat may mag-US na sa ComSci. :P At sana lahat ng regular pa ay makagraduate na sa 2011 ha. Hahaha. At magplano pa kayo ng block bonding, bilis. Sama pa din ako. :D

FBC (and VFBC) Family
And when I say family, I mean it. That's how you've really made me feel. My UPM experience will not be complete without you. Sa mga ka-batch ko, thank you for making this year a fruitful one. Paging George Geotina, kung mababasa mo 'to, miss na kita. Haha. Dahil nawawala ka dyan, special ka. :P To our seniors (and super seniors), thank you sa guidance, at sa maraming marami naming natutunan sa inyo. :) It's been a singular experience to work with all of you guys, and I love you all for that. :)

Old Friends
Namely, si Pareng Jek, si Norie, si Tinabear, si Louise at ang iba ko pang friends from high school na bigla na lang sumusulpot at nawawalang parang mushrooms. Haha. Miss ko na kayo. Sa mga grade school friends kong nakikita ko pa rin araw araw sa UPM, namiss ko kayo ngayong Christmas break. :P Seriously, even though we don't get to talk or see each other as much as we used to, I know you guys will always be there. And know that I will too. :D

Andrew and Angel
My pull-me-out-of-the-sofa-on-a-sem-break-morning tandem. Oo na, mga BI kayo. But if anything this year, you've done a great job of cheering me up. Instant ate at kuya (haha) pa. So thank you. Let's have more pancakes this 2009. :D

(Ayan, special ka na.) My best friend from the land of far far away, who alternates between cooking up dishes with fancy names, and reading my detailed blogs and emails. Umuwi ka naman kasi, daig mo pa ang TNT diyan. :P Hate you. Haha. Thank you, for being a constant. You know what I mean. :)

New Friends
To the people I've met this year, to those I've talked to and shared stories, laughs, and lots more nonsense with, thank you. Kasama na din ang mga nagiging kaklase ko sa mga GE ko ngayon. Hi din sa BehSci sophomores dahil talagang mabait kayo. Special mention ang 2008 Freshies, lalo na ang Doctor of Dental Medicine Block 15. Kahit na hindi ko kayo laging nakakabond at kahit disoriented akong FBC, you've made this year special for me, kaya salamat. :) Syempre, hi din Block 16. Lalo na kay SK na binabastos ako lagi. Haha. Sa mga kasama ko sa SoComSci lalo na sa fourth year--kina Kuya MC at Kuya Bong, at kay Ate Perl. Sa idol kong si Kuya Robert, at sa napaka-friendly na si Juvy. Sa mga DPSM Profs, lalo na sa MCSU, lalo na sa mga Math profs na super sipag--kay Ma'm Weng na diyosa, kay Ma'm Len na makulit at super bait, kay Sir Mong, at kay Sir Jobert. And to other people whom I've shared meaningful conversations and discovered surprising connections with, thank you for being a part of my 2008. Feeling close na kung feeling close sa mga taong mentioned dito, but you've made a mark on me for the last 12 months, so thank you. :D

That's my rewind for the year. Because there are no better memories than the ones I've shared with the people who are dear to me. :) To all those mentioned above, and to all those reading this,

Cheers to a

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