Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Complicated

This topic is so complex that it deserves a lengthier post, I guess. But as I don't have enough time or sense for that right now, this will have to do.

Relationships are weird. The dynamics of a normal relationship (between parents and children, or between friends) are unique to each and every person in this planet. So that's a lot of different dynamics. Freakin' complicated.

Relationships (except maybe family ones) can also vary from one state to the next. Strangers can become friends; friends can become enemies or lovers; lovers can become just friends, enemies, or strangers again. Sometimes it's confusing to tell where the definite limits are in these cases. Freakin' vague.

I don't know. It just popped into my head. It's something we deal with every day, and whether we notice it or not, our relationships with the people around us have a very significant effect on us.

On a more personal note, my life is filled with those complicated, vague relationships. I don't know why, but I tend to bond with people who make for not-so-stereotypical relationship dynamics. It's a real headache when I try to figure them out. But I guess with most of them, I don't really need to. I never really liked norms anyway. It's better to color outside the lines sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Ang galing mong gumawa ng blog. Natutuwa ako. Update ka palagi ah.


rz fortajada said...

Whehe. Salamat. I'll try, pero minsan talaga, sabaw lang ang brain cells. :P


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