Monday, February 20, 2012


Inspiration #1: The Things I Miss

This blog, my social life, my computer games, reading books, and all the simple little pleasures in life I've been putting on hold.

And you. Quality, thesis-worry-free alone time with you.

Inspiration #2: The Things I Look Forward To

My family's collective sigh of relief and beam of pride. A graduation ceremony (or two), after five long years. Having a sablay of my own. My dream job, or any good job for that matter. Money I don't have to mooch from my parents. A puppy, come December.

And you. More freedom, more resources, more time to spend with you.

I'm writing these down because hope is elusive, time is going too fast, and things are looking scary. If I can't do this improbable task for the heck of self-pride and a sense of achievement, the next best thing would be doing it for my dreams. (Thesis speak: when intrinsic motivation fails, extrinsic motivation acts as a pretty decent backup).

I promise to finish this thesis by next month and live happily soon after.

Anyone who'll try to tell me how college is so easy compared to "real life" can kick themselves on my behalf. You've probably never met my thesis adviser.


citybuoy said...

Good luck with everything, RZ. My thesis had me embracing alcohol and pimple cream. Let's hope you come out of this with undamaged pores and a pristine liver. haha

Arlet Villanueva said...

I was unable to restrain myself from commenting, but yeah we can do this!

We're almost there #graduation

rz fortajada said...

Thanks Nyl! I need it. Haha. :)

We're actually drinking less this year, so my liver's pretty safe. I have wicked eye bags now, though.

rz fortajada said...

Wuh Arlet! Grad is so near, yet so stressful. Hahaha. Isang makapal na thesis na lang! #12in2012padin

one_blissful_nomad said...

You might be kicking yourself sooner or later for saying that. :P You will be meeting a lot of people worse than your thesis adviser in REAL LIFE. Cheers to chasing your 'happily soon after."

rz fortajada said...

@blissful nomad: Yes, I might. :)) My adviser is probably one of the most meticulous people when it comes to research, but at least he wasn't evil or anything like that. Haha.

All the things I had to do for the sake of graduating did make my last year frighteningly similar to real life though. ;)


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