Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Wishlist Part 1: (Or A Lez Guide to Boring Fashion)

It's been three years (I think) since I last made one of these, but today I figured I needed something to look forward to--hence, a very materialistic wishlist.

This isn't necessarily a Christmas wishlist, and certainly not a list of things I expect/hope other people would give me. (Unless you, dear reader, happen to be a very generous soul--then by all means, make me happy!) Nope, this is more of a list of the things I want to save up for, mostly to remind myself that I need money--thus I need a job; thus I need to graduate already; thus I seriously need to stop slacking off. I took yet another unmotivated schoolwork-day off for this, so I hope it works.
This post's OST: Nickelback - Rockstar

Clothes; Accessories; Unspeakable Vanity
Halfway into making this list, I realized that 80% of the things I wanted were for my wardrobe. When (and how) did I go from hopelessly drab to cluelessly vain?

As of late I have exactly three shoes: my much-loved, extremely fragile Oxfords (for corporate and pumoporma lang affairs), my slightly oversized 40th anniversary reissue Gola Harriers (which I don't wear often because of their bulk), and my classic white leather Keds Champions (which has finally succumbed to my abuse and now has a hole along the side). I guess it's not too much to want another pair or two?

I'm obviously a Keds die-hard fan. This pair of  Oiled Keds Champions comes in gray or brown.
Both are awesome but I prefer the former. I haven't seen one in stores, but I'm crossing my fingers.  
Vans Era Two-Tone, in either blue and gray, or black and gray.
I think I'm done with white sneakers in the  meantime.

Can't have too many Oxfords, I guess? My old pair will retire
in about half a year, so I better get ready with new ones.
Also, I need other leather shoes to match my work clothes. Boots will work too.

A pair of Sanuk June Bugs would come in handy during my lazier days. 
Less bulk than sneakers, and not slippers. (I'm not a great fan of slippers since my 
feet had an unfortunate run-in with a crude, disgusting jeepney driver and his spitball.)

I need to upgrade my clothes from too-lazy-to-get-dressed college mode to a more corporate look. My mom's had the foresight to stock up on some shirts and pants, but they're still limited. Plus, all this stress eating has been putting pressure on the seams of my unfortunate slacks--months ago during my internship, I split a seam right as I had just arrived at the office (that was at around 8 a..m., and I usually left at 7 p.m.).

Which is why I need new, better-fitting trousers. I've already donated the smaller ones to my sister;
plus I don't like flared pants. I may be long-legged but I'm certainly not tall.

I might have this slightly unhealthy obsession with vests. 
It's just that they look good on me, most of the time. Also, cardigans! 
And awesome blazers like that Topshop Kate Moss one (Tegan-style).

More plain white button-downs! Mother dearest buys mostly pastel-colored, 
patterned ones--which I love, but it makes color-coordination a chore. 
I need enough plain whites for those days when I'm too 
sleepy/tired/migrained to give a damn about colors.

Gone are the days when scrunchies passed for accessories to me. I never figured why people would spend for accessories--until now.

I'm starting a tie collection--with the first being a solid black tie 
bought for my yearbook creative shot. 
Now I'm constantly on the hunt for skinny ties, preferably with geometric designs.
Also, check out these ties of the future present from Knot Theory.

For the love of all things preppy and gay, I might as well try bow ties while I'm at it, right?

I've been out of the loop with belts (horrible pun intended), because my trusty military-style 
webbed belt has been the only one holding my jeans up for years. It might be time to reacquaint myself with leather belts. 

Speaking of leather...I have this thing for leather cuffs too--
slim, simple ones for my hopelessly skinny wrists. Sure beats bangles, for me at least.

Skinny wrists means skinny watch straps as well. That's partly why I've been wearing a Timex Kids velcro-strapped one for two years. While it's glow-in-the-dark display is adorable, 
I miss the classic Swatch timepieces I used to sport as a kid.
Blue Rebel (for everyday awesomeness); 
Black Ceramic (to stare at during boring formal dinners).

Bags and Wallet(s)
Bags are tricky business for definitely-not-femme lesbians like me. Handbags are seriously awkward, and purses are just silly-looking on me. So while all my clothes are from the women's section (because I'm thin, I have absolutely no budget for a tailor at the moment, and my mother shops for me anyway), I don't think buying men's bags should be much of a problem.

Of course, where would we lezzies be without our trusty sling bags? 
I have all sorts--my favorites are a small rainbow-on-white one, and a 
slightly girly brown and purple one from Sherpani.* 
I'm looking for leather or another durable canvass messenger bag (for all my messenger needs?)

Hold-alls would be great for those overnight/ vacation/ 
I-just-have-too-much-stuff-today occasions.This is currently so trendy among 
the metro gay guys I see during my daily commute. Ha ha!

The other two bags are actually search results for women's bags. 
But when I searched for totes...the results were so girly I couldn't stand it. 
So here's a simple, no-nonsense men's tote bag for you (or me, one of these days).

I need a new wallet, and I need it to be cool. So it's got to be this 
awesome environment-friendly Dynomighty wallet! It feels like paper but it's quite tough, actually. 
You can get it from Punchdrunk Panda's online store (you can get me one too, please?).

That concludes the first part of my wishlist. It's turned out to be a guide to boring, play-it-safe sb lesbian (lol labels) fashion. Sorry, but that's just how I roll. Some days I just feel like a gay man in a woman's body (who's somehow attracted to girls). Genderfuck is the new black. Ha ha. 

Stick around for part two (it won't be about my obsession with gray, black, and brown-colored clothes, I swear).

*Which someone I know mistook for Cose. I'm all for inexpensive, quality stuff (I have Hawk Bag backpacks that have lasted for years, y'know), but excuse me? I was just so annoyed because he's even more of a fashion victim than I am, but acts like it's his God-given gay ability to be fashionable. Sometimes we have to learn it, bro.

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