Wednesday, November 7, 2012


When you were younger and (impossibly) more self-centered, you whined like the world owed it to you to listen. Eventually you learned that happiness should be shared, and negativity, in all its nasty forms, should be shelved. Nobody loves a loser.

Dark Reaction
So you keep the bitter, the sad, and the angry in specimen jars and examine each of them in your spare time, always having to be careful so as not to end up trapped in those jars yourself. 

While you wish you could share them with someone, you almost never do, because you almost never can. Some miseries are simply inexplicable and are thus easier borne by one than by two.

Light Reaction
So you keep on, and remind yourself to smile and laugh about the good things, of which there are quite a lot. In those small moments, the universe is wonderful and everything glows in the light of an idyllic summer sun.

And that light is enough to fuel you, for today at least--and for tomorrow, and the day after that--until one morning you wake up and there's more light than dark. 

And that's how you know you've made it through, and can make it through again.


citybuoy said...

To butcher Joni (and because I'm in love with this song right now) It's light's illusions I recall. I really don't know light at all.

I've missed reading you. This was simply exquisite. :-)

Rz Fortajada said...

Those kinds of lyrical sentiments are proof of how you are the poster boy for emo, Nyl. :P

Oh, you. Thanks. I have yet to read your latest post! Teka nga. :)

Arlet Villanueva said...

Oh Rz,

I miss having talks with you, and with people who are able to understand you.

We'll make it through - with whatever!

Rz Fortajada said...

I miss you too Arlet! Anyare sa lunch natin? Hahaha.


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