Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm tired of a life lived through your stories. I'm weary of the details of a good time or an annoying day where I'm always a spectator and never a character; the only reason they matter is because you matter.

You know I love you, but telling me all about a life spent with others shouldn't be all there is to spending your life with me.

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citybuoy said...

maybe you are a character. just not a fully actualized one. malay mo may episode arc ka next season. lol

seriously though, alam ko yang feeling na yan. not sure what you were trying to portray pero may moments in bloghopping where sobrang namamangha ako sa tao na i want to be written into their stories. the few times it's actually happened, naweirdohan ako.

i learned na we don't always get what we want because when we do, we mostly don't know how to really deal with it. ;p


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