Saturday, June 6, 2009

Missing Persons

1. a. Not present; absent.
b. Lost: a missing person; soldiers missing in action.

2. Lacking; wanting: This book has 12 missing pages.
Definition number one.
I am missing once again. Uurgh, I hate being lost. But somewhere in the confusion, I left the good side of me behind and I have to get it back.

Definition number two.
I am also missing people, or at least, the kind of relationships I had with these people. All my relationships are either undergoing major repairs, lost in outer space, or frustratingly undefined.

I feel that I have to fix me and fix those relationships gone haywire before everyone important to me goes missing too.

Really now, gimme my old life back. Because this new one is f*cking depressing.

(And as if on cue, my media player starts playing John Mayer's In Repair.)

Minsan talaga parang pinagtritripan ka ng mundo.

Always a work in progress.

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