Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Take Over The Break's Over

First post in what seems like lightyears, and here I am ripping off Fall Out Boy. But it's fitting, so there. (And I realized I ripped off their album title for another recent blog too. What the heck, but anyway.)

The break is over. I've been away for around three months in this blog. (I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to my imaginary readers.) Wow. So much has happened in my real life; it's like a whole climactic chapter of my life has been packed in that time-frame. And although I take care that this particular blog doesn't absorb too much of my mundane stories and random rants, I can't say that nothing will change about the way I write, or the way I think.

Yes, this is some takeover of sorts. I went missing. And I think that every time we go missing we mean it. We mean to be missed. And we do whatever it is that we feel we have to. We hide out and metamorphose and then we come back. With such long retreats there is always a change. Sometimes it's subtle, like a new favorite expression, or a bit of hair cut off, or a different color of nails. Sometimes it's an almost entire life change, much like the one a former friend of mine pulled off. (I was browsing through it a while ago.) A complete overhaul, as one friend terms it.

People do change. But some things about them stay the same.

I, for one will still try to be profound. Apparently the closest to profundity I can get is at around 3 a.m. So I'm still here, tap-tap-tapping away at my noisy, worn, yet well-loved keyboard while the rest of my timezone (including my parents, who have moved into the adjacent room and who will be furious to discover me still up) are snoozing away.

And this blog as we know it will go on. So there. A welcome back blog and from me for me.

Happy reading (if anyone is reading anyway).


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